Standards And Outcomes For Transactional Analysts

For a while now, I have been meaning to do a blog on the Standards and Outcomes for Transactional Analysts to consider when working with clients.

In some ways you can see this  list, as some of the aims, for a Professional Transactional Analyst within Therapeutic practice.

  1.  Safety— The Psychotherapist needs to make available a Safe place for reflection ,exploration ,and change.
  2.  Empowerment— to use sensitivity, wisdom, knowledge, professional expertise, experience and skill to honour, encourage, develop or nurture another persons powers of emotional, physical, intellectual and practical self-expression and self-actualisation through the use of transactions designed to activate a or to reactivate the Adult ego state in the executive
  3.  Responsibility— to help another person to develop the capacity to adopt an independence stands, able to identify, express and take care of their own needs and desires as fully as possible.
  4.  Respect— to help a person to develop self-respect and respect for others.We would look for evidence of this in all aspects of a person’s daily functioning.
  5.  Integrity— to help an other person’s exercise and develop an awareness of Self, Others and the capacity for Spontaneous thought and action.
  6.  Achievement of contract
  7.  Cure— to increase functionality and decrease psychopathology.
Bob Cooke

Bob Cooke

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Bob Cooke is Psychotherapist, Trainer, Consultant and Supervisor with an international reputation.  In 1987 he founded the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy (to the present day), of which he is the director. He is also responsible for the Institute’s training programme and oversees trainees from first year to full clinical membership of the UKCP.

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