About Me

Bob Cooke TSTA is Psychotherapist, Trainer, Consultant and Supervisor with an international reputation.  In 1987 he founded the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy (to the present day), of which he is the director. He is also responsible for the Institute’s training programme and oversees trainees from first year to full clinical membership of the UKCP.

Bob has been involved in the world of Psychotherapy since 1984, and after being recognised in his own right as a professional Psychotherapist, Trainer and Supervisor, his passion and joy is being able to witness people’s journey from entering training to being fully qualified psychotherapists in their own right.

Bob is also in charge of the Institute’s Supervision programme.  He regularly runs Supervision courses, teaching at the Institute and also nationally and internationally.

His first full clinical training was in the area of Transactional Analysis and in 1990 Bob became a Certified Transactional Analyst recognised by the European Association of Transactional Analysis and the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy.  He then went on to become a Teaching Supervising Transactional Analyst in 2001 in Malmo, Sweden.

Over the years, Bob has become interested in psychotherapy integration and went on a training in integrative psychotherapy; he became certified at a clinical level by the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association.  His trainer and mentor in the area of Integrative Psychotherapy has been Richard Erskine PhD, the author of numerous books in Psychotherapy Integration and Integrative Psychotherapy.

Below is an interview with Bob on his thoughts for the past, present and future.

Curriculum Vitae

*   BA – Politics – Hull University 1974-1977

*   Post Graduate Certificate in Education – Keele University – 1978-79

*   Lecturer in Politics – 1979-1986

*   Certificate in Counselling – North West Manchester – 1984

*   TA101 – Gordon Law – 1985

*   Psychotherapy training – Metanoia, London – 1986-1988

*   1986 Started seeing psychotherapy clients

*   March 1988 Founded the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy

*   Certified Transactional Analyst – 1990

*   Provisional Teaching Supervising Analyst – 1993

*   1993 Began training people to be TA therapists – beginning of 4 year diplomas at Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy

*    Teaching Supervising Transactional Analyst – 2001 – Malmow

*   International psychotherapy trainer – Australia – 2001 to 2006

*   Integrative Psychotherapy Training with Richard Erskine – 2007 – 2011 –

*   International Integrative Psychotherapy Association, clinical certification – 2011

*   Institute of Transactional Analysis Council member – 2011 – 2012

*   United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy Trustee 2017-2021

Throughout Bob’s journey in the world of Psychotherapy he has written numerous articles, attended numerous psychotherapy conferences and presented workshops both nationally and internationally, and he has been founder and director of the Manchester Institute of Psychotherapy to present day (2021).


Bob has written a Blog post about a previous chapter of his life and how he got into therapy below.